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Timetable for Saturday’s at ‘childline’- Parktown

March 18, 2012

South African School of Yoga


Timetable for Saturday’s at ‘childline’- Parktown


Scheduled Satyananda Yoga and tuition every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturdays. Service, love and giving throughout the year.


  • 10.00AM – 10.15AM children arrive from Soweto and provided with yogurt or cornflakes with milk or fruit salad before the day’s program.
  • 10.15AM – 11.15AM Children from Soweto practice an hours ‘Satyananda Yoga Capsule Program.’
  • 11.15AM – 11.45AM Fire ceremony (havan) chanting the Mahamrityunjaya mantra(healing).
  • 11.45AM – 12:45PM Kirtan(singing) Dancing, and professional Drumming.
  • 12.45PM – 13:15PM Lunch is served by students and conveners of the South African School of Yoga.
  • After lunch, little ones go to English reading classes at the ‘Toy Library’.
  • 13:15PM – 14:15PM – Maths lessons
  • 14:15PM – 15:00PM – English Lessons


The drumming, school tuition and all meals are sponsored.

We celebrate children’s birthdays and special occasions from time to time where treats would be more than welcome. Should you wish to assist us in any way in serving, loving and giving please contact Swami Kamalavidya on or (011) 327 0073.


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