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Love and Serving Through Distribution

March 20, 2012

4 full distributions were carried out between September and December 2011, reaching over 20 families with an average of 7-8 people per family (approx 160 people), and serving over 120 children between the ages of 4 and 11.

On average, 4 direct volunteers are involved in this project collecting goods from a network that extends beyond 20 people.


Drawing great inspiration from an ashram in India that serves thousands of impoverished people in the state of Bihar, the last half of 2011 saw SevaUnite successfully facilitate three large distributions to the local community in Lavender Hill. A distribution requires a number of steps along the way for it to be successful. From assessing what goods are needed and who they should go to, to spreading the word about the collection, gathering all the goods and disseminating them takes manpower and dedication. But thanks to the invaluable energies of our volunteers, three distributions of necessary items were made to Mothers Unite, a local charity that focuses on the well-being of children and cares for kids in an area that is typically marred by poverty, lack of facilities and crime.


The unbelievable efficiency of the Mothers Unite team made identifying what was needed the most, who it would go to, and in what stages, easy. Since children are the focus of the organization, a drive to collect children’s toys, educational material and books was deemed most critical. All it took was a handful of our volunteers to spread the word either at dinner parties, in the office or over Facebook, and within two weeks we had an entire small room packed to the rafters with boxes, bags and bundles. Many of the toys we received were repackaged into Christmas gifts that each Mothers Unite child received over the festive season. That’s over 100 parcels to 100 happy kids. We also were able to completely re-stock their library and boost their educational toy resources.


The other two distributions were more focused around clothing for adults and children. We collected enough clothing to FULLY clothe 14 families, with a minimum of 7 – 8 people in each house which meant that 114 people got clothing. Clothes were sorted into age groups and gender and the community had an opportunity to choose what best suited them in a dignified way.


FACT: many of us come from a place of privilege in the sense that we have one pair of shoes too many or a toaster we never use. Please consider passing on your unwanted things to SevaUnite. We have a wonderful array of partners who could largely benefit from stuff that just clutters your home. Consider us next time you’re doing a spring clean.



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