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Astrology: Flattening Mountains of Paper.

March 24, 2012

A loyal friend of the astro-bulletin asked about good times to tackle her filing. These would be when Mercury is strong, so – despite the heading – they are good not only for dealing with feral paper but also for all “Mercury” activities, such as communication, following up on contracts, organising your computer, drawing up plans, and starting a project that requires particular analysis and comprehension.

Saturday, May 26: Start between 7.20am and 7.55am. This time slot will be particularly suited to dealing with admin related to your home and other fixed property and filing papers and cleaning up computers you have at home.

The starting-time window from 11.05am to 12.25pm is best suited for getting your tax documents in order, for admin related to the earnings from your profession, and/or for doing the planning and paperwork needed to realise a dream.

Sunday, May 27: Start between 7.42am and 8.05am (household-related admin) or between 11am and 12.25pm (tax-related admin, earnings and/or dream).

If your filing is an equal-opportunity paper mountain range like mine, where tax forms, home loan statements and puzzling cellphone numbers co-exist, the distinction between the two time slots is probably moot and you can ignore the finer points. If some basic level of order needs to be put in place before higher life forms like “2010 IRP5 form” can be detected, just select a convenient window and jump. (Metaphorical – I’m being metaphorical.)

May 28 to May 31 also have times that favour organising activity, but now the focus moves to your profession and to travel, study and spiritual matters (in other words, broadening your horizons). I’ve put these into a table and shortened travel/ study/spiritual matters to “horizons”.

    Starting time
May 28 profession 1.05pm – 2.19pm

Ideal start between 1.05pm and 1.10pm

May 28 horizons 1.55pm – 2.20pm
May 29 profession 1pm – 1.45pm

Ideal start between 1pm and 1.15pm

May 29 horizons 1.50pm – 2.16pm

Ideal start between 1.50pm and 1.55pm

May 30 profession 1pm – 2.10pm

Ideal start between 1pm and 1.20pm

May 30 horizons 1.50pm – 2.10pm
May 31 profession 12.50pm – 1.25pm
May 31 horizons 1.42pm – 2.08pm

The next burst of this sort of activity will be in early September. I’ll send those dates a little closer to the time. For now, keep in mind those mountains are just paper tigers – literally.

With love from tiger-loving



Margie King is a writer and student astrologer. She is studying with Rod Suskin and hopes to have her diploma at the end of this year, which will allow her to practise professionally. In the meantime she emails a free astrological bulletin every second Monday to anyone who’s interested. It’s short. It’s useful. It’s easy to read. To receive an astro-bulletin, contact Margie on or call her on 084-285-1552.

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