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SpiritFest, a festival goer’s view

March 31, 2012

Upon arriving at Spirit Fest Africa on Friday afternoon, after a fairly long drive from the West Coast, it was with genuine surprise to see so very many tents in such a beautiful setting and to meet and mingle with such wonderful people. The festival was opened by Leora at 5pm on the Friday and it was with great joy and enthusiasm that the “unity” was felt throughout the class and for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday morning started at 6am with the Gayatri mantra including asanas, this was most enjoyable, after which we the day unfolded into different classes of various levels of intensity  as well as some very interesting workshops.

It was such a privilege to have been a part of this collective energy, there was such a gentle feeling filling the space in this beautiful valley . There were many families participating in classes together, various ages of yogis and yoginis, some slept on yoga mats next to mums while they were practicing, others climbed tent poles whenever they got the gap, still others got tattoos and went swimming in the dam.

There were some interesting stalls and such creative ideas, a few treatments of various modalities and some amazing workshops with very enthusiastic people. One of which was Bennie Naude, explaining EFT and showing us how to do this incredibly powerful body tapping. I watched the audience and noted how their emotions came up, unannounced, released into the ether to be forever forgotten and a new plan conceived almost instantaneously ! This man is an abundance of energy and it certainly captured myself and my two friends. We visited with him again on the Sunday for more of his valuable information and wisdom so freely given away.
The food at the festival was really good, we did feel that more options would have been a good idea though.

By Sunday afternoon,  my face muscles were tired from smiling so heartily and my feet were tingling from dancing for so long.  What a wonderful experience, so well organized, so many great teachers, so many amazing souls.
To Anton, Ilana and Zaria, a very big thank you, these functions of such magnitude are never easy. Blessings to all for attending and to the organizers for an amazing job, well done. I know this is the start of many to come and can anticipate it growing from strength to strength.

Cheryl Lancellas of Southern Africa Yoga Safaris/retreats/holidays

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