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Yoga Odyssey Studio in Bryanston

April 19, 2012

Set within a tranquil private property amidst abundant trees and vibrant bird life in Bryanston, Gauteng, you will encounter a light filled haven that is the Yoga Odyssey studio.

A variety of styles and classes are available suited to varying fitness and flexibility levels from classic Hatha to a more contemporary cardio style Vinyasa Flow through to the more traditional style of Kundalini Yoga. Some yoga purists believe that a quiet environment is the only way to do yoga. This can be intimidating for many people but at Yoga Odyssey music plays a central part of our class. We recognize that the universal sound current is another facet that connects us and brings balance and harmony in our world.

A relaxation session or meditation period is incorporated at the end of every class further enhancing the experience of human being not human doing. We offer an exceptional standard of teaching and guidance, be it for private classes, group sessions or corporate packages. Designed for wellness, strength and stress management in a safe, nurturing, compassionate space.

Yoga Odyssey is now offering a FREE monthly meditation session. Led by teachers from all disciplines and schools, it’s a journey and a gift you owe yourself to experience and explore. With today’s chaos and pressure more and more people are finding their way to more gentle life enhancing activities. Many doctors and therapists are now recommending yoga as a valuable tool for their patients to utilize on their road to health and wellness!

Cassandra, the founder of Yoga Odyssey, welcomes the opportunity to discuss your personal needs and will assist with the implementation of a yoga therapy plan in accordance with your doctor or therapist. Under her expert instruction and gentle awareness you will be able to find your balance, regain your strength and feel the joy in living a conscious connected life!

Workshops and retreats are on offer throughout the year. For more info visit our website:

Yoga Odyssey can be found in Bryanston East, Johannesburg

Cassandra is available on email, or skype cassandravcollins and on cell phone: 083 783 3998.

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