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EcoYoga Jute Mat now back in stock

April 22, 2012

Hi All!!!!

Exciting news, we have the ecoYoga Jute mat back in stock and in 5 colours!

Find out more why these mats are super eco-friendly…

Why should I use an environmentally friendly mat ?

Yoga mats have become the major accessory to ones practice and with the ever increasing trend it means millions and millions of mats are out there being bought and disposed. That’s a lot of mats in landfill sites. We believe the postures on your yoga mat are the beginning of a journey to protect and promote the health and well-being of your body, mind and soul. If this inner awareness is awakened one hopes it finds reflection in the external world. Practicing on a shiny glossy plastic mat made as cheaply as possible for maximum profit we view as the antithesis of yoga. It is a simple gesture to practice on a mat created with yoga in mind from renewable resources.

We thought it would be lovely to be able to practice on something a bit closer to nature: something aesthetically considered but still have a good grip! Of course the choice is up to you!

Why are ecoYoga mats environmental?

ecoYoga mats are made from entirely natural plant based material. They are PVC free (PVC is a long term pollutant plastic). At the end of the Yoga mat’s life they can be composted – making them completely eco-friendly.

Why do ecoYoga mats cost so much?

The price of raw natural rubber has been increasing over the last few years. Natural rubber and syn the tic rubber are closely linked so the increase in oil prices which affects the price of syn the tic rubber has had a knock on affect on natural rubber prices. The rubber market is a speculative market and big brokers continue to forecast the massive consumption rate in China and the far east. This is pushing the price up. Our mats are made from the highest quality natural materials in the UK . We try to minimise waste as much as possible. Quality control and production costs are higher than mass produced German or Chinese mats in comparison.

How long will my ecoYoga mat last?

It really depends on your practice, your environment and how you look after it. The natural rubber is sensitive to sunlight, oils and extreme heat (e.g. sitting on top a radiator). These all will contribute to the degradation of the material. We have had customers buying the ir new mats after 18 months happy with its wear. At the end of 2006 we made some improvements to the mat so we anticipate longer life spans for most practitioners.

My mat sheds little pieces and sticks to my clothes. Is this normal?

From time to time this has caused concern for some practitioners. Initial shedding has occured with some mats then stops until much later into the use of the mat. Lycra clothes seem to attract the little rubber particles more than cotton which means we would not suggest lycra as the best fabric to practice in. Again it depends on your practice. We are looking into wear and tear of the mats as time passes and we always need feedback. With the slightly higher density of rubber in our new mats we hope any premature wearing will be substantially reduced.

For more info on Jute mats click here

To order your mat from the YAA online store click here R490 (excluding postage)

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