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Easter egg overload? Detoxing dates ahead.

May 7, 2012

Although Easter is long past, you may be feeling the effects of disturbed eating patterns and routines that often come with the April holiday season, so in this bulletin I’ve looked at good times to detox. I chose to illustrate it with gorgeous hand-painted Easter eggs as a reminder that no food is bad or wicked. Love and appreciate what you put in your mouth, whether you are detoxing or celebrating or muddling through.

Just as the waxing Moon is the preferred time to start activities that you hope will endure and prosper, the waning Moon is the time to free yourself of things that cling. So it’s a good time for detoxing, ditching a bad habit, de-junking, weeding, tree-felling and trimming foliage.

In astrology, the Moon is considered to be weak both when she is full and at New Moon. We always want to avoid a weak Moon, so allow 12 hours to pass after the Moon is full before taking advantage of her decreasing light.

As mentioned in the previous bulletin, there are other factors to take into account when electing the most auspicious time. In particular, detoxing involves the body. The zodiacal sign rising in the East represents the body, so the nature of the sign and the planet that rules it are important in pinpointing a detoxing day and time. We want to choose a time when the sign is appropriate to our endeavours and the planet is strong and well-aspected.

Here are my suggestions for detoxing and for stopping a habit that relates to the body. I would have loved the dates to coincide with convenient weekends, but at least detoxing is quite flexible. If you don’t want to handle withdrawal headaches during the working week, you can phase it in gently from the recommended date and then accelerate over the weekend.

Fortunately, it’s easy to begin a detox at what may seem like an arbitrary time like 11.20am on a Tuesday morning. You can do it symbolically with a glass of beautiful water or a cup of herbal tea and a few minutes of contemplation.

  • May 15: Start between 9.45am and 10.10am or at 11.20am (no window period for this second start time).
  • June 7: Between 4.45pm and 5.55pm
  • June 15: Between 10am and 10.15am
  • June 18: Between 9.55am and 11.30am
  • July 5: Between 2.50pm to 4.40pm
  • July 8: Start at 10.15am
  • August 9: 7am to 7.20am
  • September 5: 9pm to 10pm
  • September 6: 5.30am to 6.10am
  • October 2: 6pm to 6.15pm

Happy deep cleansing.



Margie King is a writer and student astrologer. She is studying with Rod Suskin and hopes to have her diploma at the end of this year, which will allow her to practise professionally. In the meantime she emails a free astrological bulletin every second Monday to anyone who’s interested. It’s short. It’s useful. It’s easy to read. To receive an astro-bulletin, contact Margie on or call her on 084-285-1552.

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