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Yoga and the Delhi Daredevils

May 14, 2012

Right, so we all know that we should be stretching and exercising or at least trying to still our minds on a regular basis. But sometimes we lack the motivation to get up early in the morning, or to unroll our yoga mat before jumping into our warm beds at night, (I know, I am one of them!). So what can we use as inspiration?

Well, hard work, dedication and hearing the success stories of others, like our resident yogi and teacher, Jim Harrington always help. Well maybe he is not quite our very own, since he is originally from Australia, but considering that he has been living in Cape Town for a number of years, all of us here in the yoga community accepted him as one of our own and are always inspired by his remarkable talent and deep knowledge, (and regular practice), of yoga.

All of Jim’s hard work over the years has definitely paid off as this year he was approached by the Dehli Daredevils’ IPL, (that is the Indian Professional Cricket League, for those who aren’t too familiar with the sport of cricket), to coach the team. First when I chatted to Jim and found out that he was mingling with the Indian teams and players, I was wondering “why the hell have the Indians come to Cape Town, to get our local dude to teach the IPL yoga, surely there are great yoga teachers in India… I mean… ummm isn’t that where yoga is meant to have originated from anyway?!) So I was a little intrigued by all of this and then totally amazed and inspired. I mean for those of you who have been lucky enough to have attended Jim’s classes know what a talented and committed teacher he is. So hearing the reviews and feedback from the Indian cricket league about the great impact yoga has had on their performance, (they are pretty much on the top spot in the league at this point in time), is always great. Check out these two sites for a more indepth interview with Jim and what the Daredevils have to say. and

So this should be inspiring enough, find something you like, something that really works for you and speaks to your soul, and then work with that. Who knows, maybe you will be the next Stormers yoga trainer!

See you on the mat!

Happy Yoga-ing,




Nina Saacks is the founder of Yoga Awakening Africa and has been teaching integral hatha yoga, (Sivananda yoga), since 2003 in Cape Town. She loves spending time in her yoga studio with her students, up the mountain with her hiking buddies, around a dinner table with her friends, and when she can, spending time in bed reading a good book with Kat and some Lindt chocolates. She believes that health equals balance in life, enjoying what you do and doing what you enjoy, and to never take yourself too seriously! or


The Rocket is back

I just got some great feedback from a client.

After four weeks of daily yoga therapy sessions with Varun ” the V-Rocket” Aaron. India’s latest fast bowling sensation has  made a comeback. He has been off injured for the past six months after suffering stress fractures in the spine and now he’s back to match fitness and bowling well. In his first game back he was consistently getting speeds of 149Kph and taking wickets. He said thanks to you Jim and the yoga he is back on the field. He pulled up suprisingly well after the first game with just some muscle soreness.

Varun was a bit resistant to the yoga training first, it wasn’t easy, but with perseverance, and plenty of support from the team Physio, Kirk Russel he is now able to move more freely.  And most importantly, he is able to bowl without overloading his thoracic spine and injuring himself.

We worked on yoga based exercises that stabilise the shoulder girdle in a various ranges, and lengthening the hip flexors so that he didn’t have to extend so much on delivery. He kept up with his other training which included weights and running, but we managed to loosen the tight areas and strengthen the loose areas that were causing an imbalance.

The other great news is that the Delhi Team is leading the tournament. We are now guaranteed a first or second place going into the semi-finals. Look out for the rocket, I think he is going to make an impact.



Visit Jim’s website here

Another article by The Indian Express on yoga, Jim, cricket and the IPL Delhi Daredevlis Click here to read it.


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