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Sangha Spot: Yoga in Muizenberg

June 9, 2012

Studio Info:

Overview: Sangha spot yoga & wellness centre is conveniently situated in the heart of Muizenberg village and offers a variety of yoga classes and therapies, (like Nia, Body Stress Release, Acupuncture and Traditional Healing). It’s a fairly new yoga space with different teachers and styles of yoga on offer.

Parking situation:

Fairly accessible street parking within walking distance of coffee shops and train station.

Class size:

Medium-sized space allows for personalised attention.

Studio look and feel:

The yoga classes are held in a beautiful studio. With its wooden floors and openness, it has a light and a tranquil feel.

Who’s this class for?

Those looking for a variety in their yoga practice as there are different teachers and a varied time schedule. Beginners to experienced yoga practitioners are welcome.

20 Fraser road, Muizenberg.


Marjana at ,

Style of yoga:

Mainly hatha.

Angela, Gervaise, Janine, Kristi.

YAA’s yoga experience:

Briony went to a Monday morning class with Angela on 21 May 2012. This is what she had to say:

Angela taught us a vinyasa style class. In this class we did a lot of yoga flow focusing on transitioning between strong standing postures like Eagle and Warrior, to focus on strengthening legs and improving balance. Angela, a practising educational psychologist, uses beautiful words while she teaches making the student feel very safe and calm. She ensures that you go at your own pace and work at your own ability. The beautiful background music with her metaphorical explanation of yoga postures and healing adjustments makes her teaching style unique.

If you would like your studio/yoga classes to be reviewed, contact Briony at


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