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Being Yoga: Muizenberg Yoga Studio

June 16, 2012

Studio Info:
As stated on his website we agree Being Yoga is “A small studio perfectly suited for a high degree of personal instruction. Wooden floors, light, sea breezes, windows overlooking the Muizenberg promenade and recreation area with the beach and False Bay just behind.”

Parking situation:
Plenty of free parking on the street. Convenient because even if you are running late you will always find parking.

Class size:
Studio is perfect for private lessons or small groups.

Studio look and feel: Crystals of rose quartz invites you in. The walls are colourfully decorated with pictures of yogic symbols and seashells sit on the windowsills.

Who’s this class for?

If you are looking for a mindful way of getting into your body, gaining deep insight of the way your breathing can help you relax, then this class can be highly beneficial. No matter what your age or flexibility this is a good place to start.

24 Beach Rd, Muizenberg.


Johann Kotze | via Facebook  | website | or email

Style of yoga:

Johann Kotze. See his profile interview here

YAA’s  yoga experience with Johann:

Briony went to a Thursday evening class with Johann on 10 May 2012. This is what she had to say:

Small, safe and spiritual feel. Johann teaches with passion in a safe environment. His instructions are clear and easy to follow, moving systematically from one posture to the next. He adjusts you gently in yoga poses so that you feel like you can grow and express yourself fully in the yoga pose. His emphasis is largely on breathing and relaxing while you breathe and letting go. He works the room, each student gets individual attention. Your whole body gets a workout, as well as your mind.

If you would like your studio/yoga classes to be reviewed, contact Briony at


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