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Marina Yoga: Yoga in Marina da Gama

June 22, 2012


Home-based yoga studio in Marina da Gama. The wooden floors together with burning essential oils give the studio a warming and welcoming atmosphere for doing yoga in Winter. Lovely, quiet and contained space for developing spirituality.

Parking situation:


Class size:


Studio look and feel:

Beautifully decorated, wooden floors, healing smell of aromatherapy. All yoga props provided.

Who’s this class for?

Those wanting individual attention and a gentle yoga class. All levels of yoga practitioners welcome, ideal for beginners.


Marina da Gama.


Victoria Fearon.

Style of yoga:


Teacher: Victoria Fearon.

YAA’s yoga experience:

Briony went to a Thursday evening class with Victoria on 17 May 2012. This is what she had to say:

Victoria incorporates props into her yoga class which makes it fun and gives new insight into a posture. The props function as support and can really boost your yoga practice by giving you more confidence, allowing you to go into poses more deeply or to even try poses that you normally wouldn’t. Her language-use to explain yoga postures is done in a way so the student can explore the pose intuitively, which in turn, empowers the student.

If you would like your studio/yoga classes to be reviewed, contact Briony at




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