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Lynne’s Yoga Studio Marina da Gama

June 26, 2012

Overview: Lynne’s studio is home-based and in Marina da Gama. There are nice heated floors for winter and a small space allowing for personalised attention.

Parking situation:

Plenty of street parking.

Class size:

Maximum 6 people.

Studio look and feel:

Cosy with heated floors.

The class is ideally suited for:

Those who want a gentle yoga practice in order to go deeply within themselves.


5 Meulen Close, Marina da Gama.


Lynne Abrahamson |

Style of yoga:

Integral yoga.



YAA’s yoga experience:

Briony went to a Wednesday morning class with Lynne on 13 June 2012. This is what she had to say:

Lynne led a very gentle yoga class that allowed me to explore the subtle sensations in my body. In this class we first warmed up our joints to prepare for the later asanas. Lynne uses positive guidance while teaching, I particularly liked it when she said “Accept your body as it is, this too shall pass”. She helps us to synchronize our breathing with the movement, which makes the yoga the moving meditation that it’s meant to be. The savasana at the end was lovely, because we were on heated floors covered in nice blankets with an eye pillow that smelled beautiful!

If you would like your studio/yoga classes to be reviewed, contact Briony at


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