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Yoga in Muizenberg.

June 29, 2012

Yoga in Muizenberg.

Muizenberg was one of the first places in the Southern Suburbs for yoga to establish a strong hold. It started about 20 years ago with Joké Spijker who trained at the Ananda Kutir Ashrama in Rondebosch to become a yoga therapist. Like most people, Joké started teaching yoga from home but eventually realised that her space was too small for the number of people that needed her services. So as yoga grew and became more popular, Joke decided to build the first yoga studio in Muizenberg, Shanti Cottage in 1998. It was a big, warm and welcoming studio with wooden floors and high ceilings, a haven and a very well-known spot amongst the locals where you were always ensured of a friendly smile and great yogic wisdom. Over the years and thanks to her and her dedication many people have been helped by her gentle form of yoga as well as eventually training to become yoga teachers themselves. Unfortunately Joké passed away a year ago in 2011 and Shanti Cottage had to be closed down. However, her memory and kindness will be remembered by all. Her dedication to yoga was great and can now be seen by the many new studios that have opened up in the nearby areas.

So for those who are looking to find a new studio in this area, these are your options at present:

Click on the above studio name to find out more about the studio and where it is based, or click on the person’s name to read an interview on the teacher, to find out more about their teaching style and how long they have been practising and teaching yoga.


Nina Saacks is the founder of Yoga Awakening Africa and has been teaching integral hatha yoga, (Sivananda yoga) since 2003 in Cape Town. She loves spending time in her yoga studio with her students, up the mountain with her hiking buddies, around a dinner table with her friends, and when she can spending time in bed reading a good book with Kat and some Lindt chocolates. She believes that health equals balance in life, enjoying what you do and doing what you enjoy, and to never take yourself too seriously!


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