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Responsibilities of owning a companion animal.

July 11, 2012

What does it mean to be a responsible consumer? Whether you are purchasing for yourself, the family or your companion animals? In the case of our pets they have no say, they have no voice. They are reliant on your informed choice and thus the responsibility is that much more severe and binding.

Our modern era has become materialistic, insensitive and careless. We have steered away from good business and moral ethics and we have distanced ourselves from natural living. In this hectic lifestyle convenience has become a priority with processed, preserved and chemical based products enjoying major support. Corporate business embarks on major advertising campaigns that cloud our clear thinking. Labeling of products is so obscure and illegible.

So, if ever there was a need to investigate and challenge the commercial institution, it is now.

As a responsible consumer and pet owner, I believe that we should commit to three unconditional pledges in order to derive a clear decision.

Firstly, we should step back from all the different opinions and marketing jargon and use our common sense, intuition and logic. We should apply our minds and think carefully and honestly.

Secondly, we should rely on the wealth of information available in print and in the electronic media. Search engines allow us to comfortably sit at our computer and study the facts comprehensively.

Thirdly, and this is probably the most challenging, is to scrutinize labels. It is imperative, as responsible consumers, that we understand the list of ingredients and feeding guidelines that are labeled on our food and on our household products. This is for the protection of our family and companions.

I believe only then can we claim to be responsible and enlightened consumers.

Animal rights organizations, worldwide, are fighting to change the rhetoric describing our animals as “pets” to “companion animals” or “members of the family”. Perhaps then, all our animals will be treated fairly, morally and with dignity. Then, we can truly call ourselves complete and enlightened.


 Vondi’s Holistic Pet Nutrition is a registered nutritional pet food that is natural, wholesome and free of preservatives.

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