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Mercury retrograde arrived…with snow!

July 18, 2012

The snowfalls that paralysed traffic this past weekend coincided with Mercury going retrograde (Rx) on Sunday, July 15.

Mercury represents transport, so it’s not surprising that when the planet becomes weak – as it is when it is Rx – that’s a good indicator that we could have difficulties with travel.

The times when we are most vulnerable are when Mercury appears to stand still in the sky and again when it appears to change direction. The rest of the Rx period is relatively less problematic. Mercury was stationary on Friday and Saturday, which was when the weather rolled out across the country – and then snapped shut its jaws, ensnaring cars, buses and trucks in snow and closing highways and mountain passes. We should now start settling down to the usual level of mid-level Rx inconvenience until August 7, when Mercury again stands still before going direct on August 9.

Not all Mercury retrogrades are as dramatic as the one that coincided with the Icelandic volcano eruption in 2010. According to Wikipedia, the ash cloud led to the closure of most of Europe’s airspace from April 15 to 20. Mercury was stationary on April 17 and 18, and went retrograde on April 19.


I chose this cartoon because Mercury also signifies communication and numbers, maths, logic and calculation. So I’ll urge you to keep your verbal and written communication as clear and unambiguous as you can. You may want to make a special attempt to power up your logic batteries and turn down the emotional dial. Oh, and double-check calculations, count your change and examine accounts and statements for mistakes.

Mercury Rx periods aren’t a reason to hide under the duvet for three weeks, although snow across the country certainly is.

Be smart and stay warm.



Margie King is a writer and student astrologer. She is studying with Rod Suskin and hopes to have her diploma at the end of this year, which will allow her to practise professionally. In the meantime she emails a free astrological bulletin every second Monday to anyone who’s interested. It’s short. It’s useful. It’s easy to read. To receive an astro-bulletin, contact Margie on or call her on 084-285-1552.

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