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Serenity Yoga Studio in Tokai

July 20, 2012

Overview: Home yoga studio in Tokai run by yoga teacher, Saskia Schelling.

Yoga teacher, Saskia

Parking situation: Residential area, parking on street.

Class size: 8.

Studio look and feel: It’s a neat, small and tranquil space and the purple yoga mats are laid out in a circle. It is aptly named Serenity Yoga studio; the feeling of serenity is palpable as you walk into the studio and get onto your mat.

Who’s this class for? Beginner to intermediate.

Location: Tokai.


Style of yoga: Basic hatha, vinyasa combination.

Teacher: Saskia Schelling.

My yoga experience:

Saskia pays attention to the details. And one can notice this in the way she teaches yoga. She helped me to pick up on subtle sensations in my body that I would have normally missed. I noticed more sensations in my hands and feet than I have ever before! We did fine motor-coordination exercises with our hands that made my mind really have to concentrate on the present moment, I couldn’t think of anything else! I really enjoyed doing our sun salutations in the mandala style, it seemed to add a sense of ‘play’ into my yoga practice. The best part was the ‘relaxation’ at the end, Saskia read us a bit of valuable yoga philosophy which really rang true to my journey.

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