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Hanuman Tuesdays for the Community

July 21, 2012

Cape Town Seva Project would love invite you to join our new venture HANUMAN TUESDAYS!


The Cape Town Seva Project is an independent organization bridging the gap between the Yoga Community and local Registered Charities. ‘Seva’ (selfless service), is one of the paths sometimes overlooked in our Western expression of Yoga. This is a challenging and fulfilling journey which can be difficult for the individual or group to access. We live in a city with infinite opportunities to make a positive difference and once united the strength of our yoga community can be incredibly powerful.

Take a look at the Facebook Page.


WHAT is it?

Cape Town Seva Project is excited to introduce the concept of ‘Hanuman Tuesdays’. This is a donation based class run by YOUR Studio with donations going to YOUR charity of choice.

Hanuman, (the Monkey-faced God), crossed seas by leaping over straits to rescue Sita, wife of Rama. This strong and noble warrior then leapt to find a miracle herb from the Himalayas to save the life of Laksmana. With our Hanuman Tuesday practice we want to emulate Hanuman and ‘leap’ from our mats, taking our practice into the community.

HOW is it done?

You, or one of your willing teachers assign a class for every Tuesday that will be a dedicated Hanuman Tuesday class. All, (or part of), the monies raised from this class will go towards your chosen charity. This means the teacher does not take a fee for the class and gives of his or her time freely.


During your class we ask that at some time Hanumanasa or Ardha Hanumansana is practiced. This gives the teacher a place to explain what Hanuman Tuesday is about and how and why Seva is practiced by your Studio for the benefit of the charity or NGO you are supporting. If you would like us to help you find a charity that is local to you and that you feel your studio, (and you), would like to be involved with, please let us know.


We envisage and hope that one day, the whole of Cape Town’s Yoga community will be incorporating Hanuman Tuesdays into a weekly schedule and together we will be creating an energy that is all about the ‘selfless service’ of Seva Yoga.

Currently, The Shala holds their Hanuman Tuesday class at 4.30pm. Mariah Betts takes this class and all proceeds go to the Earthchild Project. Yogaway Yoga & Pilates Studio has 2 classes: Steve Porter from 12-2pm with donations to Earthchild Project and Melissa Brake from 8.30-9.30am Pilates with donations to Home from Home. Yoga Spirit has their Hanuman Tuesday class at 7am. Paige Dorkin takes this class and all proceeds go to Hangklip Creche.
See studio links below for examples of how it has been added to the timetable:

We want to keep a record of how this practice works so it would be great if you would let us know if you decide to be involved with this initiative and what charity or NGO you are supporting. We will then ask you to keep a simple record of class numbers and amount of money raised. At the end of year we will then be able to record how much money we raised together through Hanuman Tuesdays and how many people have been involved.

If you are not currently affiliated with a charity or NGO, please see below for information about some that we would recommend. We already have existing relationships with them and know that they are doing amazing work:

Earthchild Project – focuses on the holistic development of children, teachers, schools and communities. Through activities such as yoga, meditation, healthy living, gardening and hiking their aim is to provide practical skills that create meaningful and sustainable change.

Home from Home – Provides supported and supervised community-based foster care for children in need. Orphaned, abused, neglected and vulnerable children are taken into a network of small, family homes in disadvantaged communities in SA.

Greenpop – Focuses on urban greening and reforestation projects. They aim to spread environmental awareness, uplift under-greened communities, make greening enjoyable and combat climate change.

Mamelani – A community development organisation that facilitates programs that assist people in taking action to improve their lives. Their three main focus areas are community based health education, youth development and child & family support.

African Tails – Aims to prevent the over-population and suffering of abused and neglected township dogs.

Saartjie Baartman Centre – Centre for abused women and children providing holistic integrated services that range from a 24 hour crisis response to job skills training.

It would be great if you would consider joining Cape Town Seva Project with this new initiative -bringing our Yoga community together in PRACTICE and in SERVICE.

We look forward to hearing feedback from you soon.

With love,

Roxanne Dalton

Cape Town Seva Project Volunteer

078 904 9302 |

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