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30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 2

August 2, 2012


2012 Yoga Challenge got off to a great start yesterday, with over 50 people committing to practice for the month whilst raising funds for Home from Home. Many people are doing The Challenge for the first time, though some are very enthusiastically doing it for the second year running. Some are very new to yoga and others practice regularly, or are yoga teachers.

Everyone has a different reason for doing the Challenge, and for what they’re hoping to achieve from it. For what its worth, here are my aims:

  • I want to get stronger in my practice, and become more disciplined to practice even when I don’t feel like it
  • In a crazy, busy time at work at the moment, I want to switch off and create a 30 to 60 minute ‘peace bubble’ for myself every day
  • Its for a great cause, and it’s a tremendous feeling of everyone uniting for a common good
  • And finally –and most vainly – I’d like to rediscover my waist as it seems to have disappeared.

So – follow me on this space over the next 29 days to see whether I a) keep it up and b)manage to achieve any of my goals!

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  1. Lottie permalink
    August 2, 2012 2:43 pm

    Go Pipppa! You can do it!

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