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YAA Interview: Rhé Wessels

August 2, 2012

1.    Name:

Rhé Wessels.

2.    DOB:


3.    What style of yoga do you teach?


4.    Where do you teach?

At two studios – Riverside Centre, Bryanston Drive, Bryanston and Wilton Ave, Bryanston.

5. How long have you been practicing yoga?

16 years.

6.    How long have you been teaching yoga?

7 years.

7.    Who have you trained with and where?

Trained by Senior Iyengar teachers of the Iyengar Association in Gauteng.

8.    What lead you to yoga and at what point did you decide that you wanted to teach?

I practised Karate with my sons for many years until I had an injury which I took as a sign to find a more gentle physical exercise. After my first yoga class, I felt as though my body had woken up for the first time!

In 2004 I became very ill  and promised myself if I survived, I would do whatever it took to lead a more healthy, stress free lifestyle and would pursue my yoga studies in earnest. The best way to learn, is of course………to teach.

9.    What do you love most about teaching?

I love the amazing feedback from students which results in my learning FROM them.

10.   Is there a focus in your teaching style?

I believe in a more gentle approach. During a practice the practitioner opens her/himself completely, and above all, as a teacher I respect that.

11.   What do you love most about yoga?

The fact that you get far more out than you put in. Yoga is so generous!

12.   What is the greatest challenge you have overcome with the help of yoga?

Yoga has taught me patience.

13.   What advice do you have for people who have never tried yoga?

There is only one way to learn about yoga and that is to experience it. Yoga is for everyone, young/old, male/ female, whatever your body type or fitness level. The important thing is to start! Just do it.

14.   Do you have a regular practice?

Yes, not a day goes by without either doing or teaching yoga.

15.   Favourite Asana?

Ah, too many to mention. Certainly Sirsasana because as king of asanas, it is so beneficial. Navasana, because it is so challenging. Ardha Chandrasana because I had to work so hard at it.

16.   Strongest Asana?

Probably Trikonasana because I’ve practiced it so often and so long.

17.   Least Favourite Asana?

I have never considered it, but perhaps backbends are the most challenging.

18.   Any religious affiliations?


19.   What are your other interests?

I was involved in Graphic Design and Ceramics for many years before I found yoga. My love for a beautiful ceramic piece is surpassed only by my love for Japan. I hope to visit my son who is currently living in Japan next year.

20.   Any thank yous?

Absolutely! To all the wonderful people I’ve met through yoga including students and  teachers and especially to my own teacher of 16 years, June Cooper, who as an octogenarian still teaches energetically and with total dedication.  She is beyond doubt living proof of the benefits of yoga!

Rhé Wessels
Yoga Renew – 2 Studios in Bryanston:
Riverside Centre & Wilton Avenue
072 341 6080

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