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30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 7

August 7, 2012

Alila is a 21 year old student and is our youngest Yoga Challenge participant.

“I am relatively new to practicing yoga on a regular basis but in doing so I have discovered something I truly love! Originally I was apprehensive about doing The Challenge because as a student it is difficult to commit to something that is every day for 30 days. My schedule is never the same and I spend a lot of time at UCT. People my age are also terrible at making commitments… But, I decided that my new found love and respect for yoga trumps my hesitation, not to mention the fact that it’s for a wonderful cause and it’s so nice to be getting involved in that. I also love it from an exercise point of view, the more yoga I do the more I love it, and the happier and stronger I feel both inside and out! So, I am managing to find the time each day to practice, today is day 7 and I am still going strong, and it just keeps getting better and better!”

Alila -our youngest Yoga Challenger!


As a student, Ali finds it hard to raise sponsorship amongst her friends, so if anyone would like to sponsor her in this wonderful cause, please do so on   Thank you!!

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