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30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 14

August 14, 2012

Pippa H is another of our Challengers who is new to yoga, and tells of the amazing healing effect that yoga has had on her body.

“I am on Day 14 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge and my mantra has become “flexible hamstrings; flexible hamstrings” and thank goodness it seems to be working, well at least for me in my own way.  I have had to let go of looking like a wounded camel and embrace the benefits of what this Challenge is doing not just for Home from Home, but for me individually.

14 weeks ago my back surgeon recommended I should have a spinal fusion.  My heart sank and I left his rooms with my tail between my legs (had I already been practicing yoga it would have been my tailbone between my legs!) thinking I had reached the end of the road trying all there was to prevent surgery.  I promised myself one more month of pain and if I didn’t find an alternative solution, I would opt for surgery to release the pain.  Within that month I started one-on-one sessions with Melissa who cheerfully but compassionately coached me out of mental and physical misery.  With gentle and gradual lessons of a mixed masala of Pilates, yoga and laughter, I began to feel normal again.  And within 4 weeks I was opting for more yoga than Pilates and now I find myself almost halfway through The Challenge.  Ho hum…or should I rather say So-Hum. Thank you family, thank you friends.  Regardless of what the future holds I am feeling well stretched and happy.”

Pippa H, who has only been practicing yoga for 3 months, but already reaping the benefits and partaking in The Challenge.

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