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30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 15 (halfway there!)

August 15, 2012

As we all celebrate the halfway point of our Challenge, today we meet Marco, one of our Challenge participants from Sunset Beach Yoga Studio has taken our 30 Day Yoga Challenge one stage further. Here’s how Marco answered our questions about his own personal Challenge:

Tell us quickly about yourself: I turned 50 on August 2. Half a century and still feeling 25!Married to Shanya and father to Matteo (16) Alessio (14) and Allegra (2). London residential investments is my work.

How long have you been practicing yoga?: Started yoga in 2005 with David Jacobs. I am a devout Iyengar yogi who includes Vinyasa and Ashtanga in his practice. My current Iyengar teachers include Yvonne De Kock, Brigitta Tummon and Meryl Urson. I also go to YogaLife, The Shala, Hot Dog Yoga and Shanti

Why you decided to sign up for Yoga Challenge?: I like to mark important occasions with important acts. My 50th required an act of commitment towards others rather than celebrations. The Yoga Challenge came at the right time. But I needed to adapt it i.e. extend it to 50 days to make it meaningful to my cause.

How are you feeling so far?: started badly with 2 injuries (wrist and sciatic nerve) but I am getting stronger by the day.

What are your aims of The Challenge?: Complete it. Raise R10 000.

Marco – who clearly can’t get enough of yoga – with his sister-in-law

Amazing – we’re all 15 days into and half way through our Challenge, but Marco isn’t a third of the way through his 50 days yet. We wish you health, strength and perseverance for the next 35 days!

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  1. Estelle permalink
    August 16, 2012 9:41 am

    Well done, Marco! We have a lot in common: we share a birthday, one of the reasons I decided to do the 30 day challenge was to mark my birthday month, and Iyengar is my thing! 🙂 Maybe see you on a yoga mat next to mine some day 😉

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