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30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 16

August 16, 2012

More than half way now, but today I feel less like doing yoga than ever before. A packed day at work, early evening work function then going out to dinner. When to fit in some yoga? Its cold and wet and my shoulders are sore. I cannot stand the thought of another Vinyasa.

This, however, is what Yoga Challenge is all about – challenging yourself when you least feel like it.  I WILL practice today – however, I will make it gentle, particularly on the shoulders.
Tomorrow we’ll have another enlightening story of someone else’s Challenge and hear how its going for them. Till then – here’s a picture of the dog who goes to the Sunset Beach Yoga Classes with her ‘mum’. At least this gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling!!

The only ‘upward facing dog’ that could raise a smile out of me today…!


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