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30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 17

August 17, 2012

Sam is one of our Yoga Challengers for whom this is second time round.

“Just over half way through my second 30 Day Yoga Challenge and I am thinking,”why?”. At the end of The Challenge last year I had forgotten about the obstacles I had to overcome in order to complete the challenge, I was in awe!

30 of us had set out to raise R90 000 and we exceeded our goal by raising an astounding R120 000 and completing 108 sun salutations in unison. Now, at day 17 of the 2012  Challenge I’m reminded of the main obstacle that stood in my way last year. Time! Everyday there is something else, something more ‘important’ than a yoga practice that stands in my way! But I have to make a plan. Friends have sponsored me, beautiful people encourage me and remind me that we are doing this for six more children in our beautiful city that need a home, need a little comfort, need an education, need a mother figure, and that most importantly need love! Fortunately too, the practice of yoga is a beautiful place to be daily. With the support of my family it is possible for me to go to this place everyday for 30 days.

As a person who has tried to be more hands-on in helping kids in need in Cape Town and realizing that I become too emotionally involved for my own good, the 30 Day Yoga Challenge is a perfect platform to give a little back and be (a small) part of a solution.

It was an honor last year to be part of The Challenge, and this year I’m feeling it more! Just writing this short blog is inspiring me to get up at 5.15am tomorrow to make sure that I do get to a class and to be part of this awesome Challenge once again. And makes me realize there is no “why”!”
Thanks to Sam who is one of about 20 of our 60 Challengers who are doing The Challenge for the second year. We are so glad that last year didn’t put you off entirely!

Not sure what pose Sam is doing here, but doesn’t look like yoga to us!

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