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Day 1: Yoga & Meditation Challenge at YogaSpirit

August 20, 2012

YogaSpirit is currently running a 21 day Yoga and Mediation Challenge.  I (Briony)  have decided to participate in the challenge,  and blog about my experience daily.

To start off the challenge,  I did the Bikram Express class with Steve Porter. After yoga, some of us ‘challengers’ stayed for the meditation. The meditation that we are committing to is the Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation programme. We meditated by focusing on our breath, using the mantra ‘so hum’.

I had to push myself to get out of bed on this cold Monday morning. But I am very  pleased that I did. During the yoga class, Steve said one of Sri K Pattabhi Jois’s quotes, “body is not stiff, mind is stiff”.  The truth is, if we want to stretch both body and mind, I think it is important to do yoga asana and meditation. Looking forward to this journey!


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