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Day 2: Yoga & Meditation Challenge at YogaSpirit

August 21, 2012

According to YogaSpirit’s Facebook wall, 80 people have signed up for this challenge so far! Now that is inspiring!

For day two, I invited Carryn to join me for Paige’s 1pm Vinyasa class. The warm room was perfect for this cold, rainy day.  After vinyasa, my body felt more flexible and relaxed, which made it easier to sit for a 15 minute meditation.

Today’s meditation was about changing your perception of your past. It is interesting how we can cling to negative things in our past, often letting it hamper our present moment. According to the meditation, If we learn to look at our past in a positive way, it can help us move on and become more loving human beings. I also learnt about the mantra, ‘Sat Chit Ananda‘, which means ‘Existence consciousness bliss’.

Being in a hot yoga room, even it is is just for an hour per day, gives me that little bit of bliss.


Photo taken at YogaSpirit*


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