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YAA Interview: Laura Heininger

August 30, 2012

1. Name: Laura Heininger.

2. Age: 36.

3. What style of yoga do you teach? Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga.

4. Where do you teach? I’m based in Tofo, Mozambique and travel to teach from there as well.

5. How long have you been practicing yoga? 11 years.

6. How long have you been teaching yoga? About 5 years.

7. Who have you trained with and where?
I’ve trained with Bill Wood in England in Scaravelli Yoga; with Seane Corn in England in Vinyasa Flow Yoga; and an intensive workshop with Donna Farhi in London introduced me to Restorative Yoga.

8. What lead you to yoga and at what point did you decide that you wanted to teach?
After leaving Canada to travel in Europe, I settled in England and began to explore alternative therapies, diets and lifestyles. One day I picked up a Yoga book and realized that many of the “stretches” I did daily were, in fact, Yoga positions. I went to a class and from that moment Yoga has been a big part of my life. Enrolling in my teacher training course, I knew that if the time was right for me to teach then opportunities would arise…. and so it happened that before my course was completed I received and accepted an offer to teach at a local Yoga Centre.

9. What do you love most about teaching? Sharing the joy of Yoga.

10. Is there a focus in your teaching style? Transformation.

11. What do you love most about yoga?
Its ability to awaken us to our true potential.

12. What is the greatest challenge you have overcome with the help of yoga?
An unbalanced and painful menstrual cycle – especially through Restorative Yoga. I now teach workshops focusing on this issue, as well as running “Learn to Teach Restorative Yoga” courses.

13. What advice do you have for people who have never tried yoga? Find a teacher you resonate with and give it a try!

14. Do you have a regular practice? Yes!

15. Favourite Asana? Whatever my body needs at the time.

16. Strongest Asana? Oh, probably a Restorative one actually, such as supta baddha konasana, it takes me very deeply within.

17. Least Favourite Asana? I find warrior 1 and reverse triangle challenging shapes for my body, but don’t really have a “least favourite” asana, as such.

18. Any religious affiliations? No.

19. What are your other interests? I love surfing, dancing, cooking, making jewellery and other craft work, swimming in the ocean, walks on the beach, reading, writing, playing mbira, (a traditional Zimbabwean instrument), and time in nature.

20. Any thank yous? Yes – as well as being generally grateful for all life experiences, a special “thank you” to my teachers, students, and to Greg.

Community Work

I’ve done some volunteer work with a local orphanage, and plan to run classes for charity to further benefit the organisation. It is based in Inhambane, home to around 30 children, ranging from babies to 15 years of age. Spending time with the children is a deeply rewarding and touching experience, feeling a connection through the heart beyond the boundaries of language and culture.


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