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Yo Yoga, Claremont

August 31, 2012

Overview: A heated studio situated in Claremont with a fun vibe!

Parking situation: Absa building, directly outside the studio, Cavendish Square or Street parking.

Class size: Large.

Studio look and feel: Mirrors for Bikram, light and spacious. A colourful and inviting space!

Who’s this class for?

If you are living in the Southern Suburbs and are interested in trying out hot yoga, YoYoga is for you. The heated room makes you go a little deeper into your practice.



Just outside Cavendish.


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Style of yoga: Bikram and flow.

Teachers: Jenny, Stuart, Marinus, Toni, Paige, Justine, Jo and Florence.

My yoga experience:

Briony went to a Monday morning flow class with Stuart at 8:30 am:

Stuart taught a beautiful flow class showing some inspirations of Ashtanga Vinyasa. Stuart gave me some awesome adjustments during my practice which helped me experience some poses a little more deeply. It was a joy to try out YoYoga and I will definitely go again.

If you would like your studio/yoga classes to be reviewed contact Briony at


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