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13 Oct 2012: SARYTA workshop with Mari Fouche

September 3, 2012

On Saturday the 13th of October Mari Fouche will give us a workshop on Yoga Therapy from her particular perspective and experience. She gave
us a bit of an insight into her work at the Durbanville meeting on the 18th of August and it sounded fascinating. She will give us a short
precis of her yoga journey and an introduction to the therapy. This will be followed by a clarification of the procedures followed in this
therapy. She will use muscle testing and the meridians (nadis).
Venue: Durbanville Yoga Centre (Sandra’s Studio)
Time: 13h:00 for 13h:30
Cost: R150 for members R180 for non-members (will be able to send you a map with the reminder).

Contact: Marjolein (secretary)


Because of the time limit, we can only touch briefly on the application of AT. As I consider myself first and foremost a remedial teacher, I am interested in helping any student with their health or physical problems. And so will try and carry over the applications of AT that have benefited all who come to my classes.

We will learn:

Asana Therapy (AT) is an holistic method to balance the posture and stimulate the organs.

We need to know then what the possible causes are of the postural imbalance, which muscles to test to identify the cause and the asana that will have a direct effect.


Muscles become weak (or rather ‘not switched on’) thus affecting various organs: some causes are, nerve entrapment, a blocked meridian, inadequate blood supply, mental or emotional factors or chemical imbalances.


These are certain simple tests based on Applied Kinesiology (as in Touch for Health). Fourteen major muscles only are tested.

A chart is drawn up for each client indicating which of these muscles are weak (not switched on).


Some knowledge of the meridians is required appertaining to the relevant muscles and related organs.


Then the consideration of the asanas suitable to stimulate the weakened muscles; thus affecting the related organ.

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