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6 Oct 2012: Full Water Cleansing Yoga Workshop, Hyde Park, Gauteng

September 24, 2012
Full Water Cleansing|Shankaprakshalana
When: Saturday 5th October at the Yoga School
Time: 7Am to 11AM
Price: R 550.00
Please book before Saturday 29th September!!! Transfer payment and send proof of payment.

Mentally you must be ready to sacrifice and make time for yourself to be patient and tolerant through this process which is slow, steady and systematic!!!!!!!!
Only for students who have mastered the short water cleansing!!!!!!

This full cleansing will enable you to feel stronger, warmer in body temperature and more alert on all levels. The key to the solution to many health problems is flushing out the small intestines and large colon through the full water cleansing. The practice is simple.

The water together with specific systematic yoga movements washes in and out the colon detaching any old faecal matter adhering to these areas. The Water is more effective than an enema cleansing. The saline water body temperature flows from the stomach into the ascending, traversing, and descending colon reaching the defecation area.

Reminder  that water is not retained in the body

Eating Program

Fast and feast pattern is devastating when you are unwell and cleansing, it places a strain on your entire system. Try to get into the habit of eating 3 small meals a day, with equally spaced intervals. This gives the body regular fuel to keep it going and to fight off illness to function efficiently.

It is recommended for 2 or 3 days after the water cleansing that a fresh fruit program be followed. Hence the eating of the fruit stimulates enzymes back into the colon. All faeces and digestive residue to pass out of the colon. A strict eating program is advised providing enough of every type of food to fulfil your body’s needs. Avoid tea (tannin) coffee (caffeine), alcohol which are stimulants and harmful to a weakened or over stressed system. Candida bacteria resides in the digestive system and can cause problems for some sufferers when they get out of control, so water cleansing is excellent for washing out masses of bacteria. During the irrigation many of the normal digestive bacteria are washed out of the colon..  This is a good treatment for people who suffer with this condition. The long water colon cleansing is effective in controlling chronic constipation. It is very good for excess catarrh, gastric problems, skin disorders.


  • WARNING: M. E. patients (chronic fatigue syndrome which reduces vitality), diverticulitis, certain types of colitis, malignant growths can be aggravated by this therapy so please know your condition before signing up. If in doubt please contact Swami Kamalavidya at the School.

For more information contact Swami Kamalavidya Tel: (011) 327 0073 | |

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