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23 – 25 Nov 2012: Partner Yoga and Sacred Tantric Fusion Weekend Seminar for Couples at Forest Heart, Rheenendal, Knysna

October 8, 2012

Partner Yoga and Sacred Tantric Fusion Weekend Seminar for Couples

Hendrik and Chantell invite you to join us in a weekend of partner yoga, tantric meditations, energy healing, dance and sound journeying.

Venue: Forest Heart, a retreat center in the tranquil surroundings of Rheenendal, near Knysna. Comfortable accommodation in private rooms.

Date: 23 Friday evening, 24 November to Sunday afternoon, 25 November 2012

Cost: R1800 per couple includes accommodation and workshops

Meals are self or communally catered. Please bring simple meals or food to prepare, including veg and fruit  for juicing and smoothies.

We have space and accommodation for 5 couples.

Exploring the possibilities and benefits of partnership in yoga practice, intimate relationship, and personal and interpersonal healing. We will include some elements of movement and dance, as well as making music in the form of a drum circle and exploring self expression through sound journeying.

Partner Yoga

Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, having a partner gently lean into you or pull you deeper into a stretch is always a pleasure and an enhancement of what you can do by yourself. Not only can we thus easily deepen our physical practice, but we enter into a non-verbal energetic communication with our partner. Harmonizing our heartbeat and our breathing, and linking our energy, we enter into a telepathic and empathic union. Words, thoughts and mind and left behind. In silent touch we become one again.

Energy Healing

We are all healers. Every time you touch another person with the intention of love and healing,  there is an electro-magnetic exchange of energy, a sharing of consciousness, and an end to the dream of separation. We will introduce and practice some simple healing methods from the esoteric traditions, learning to feel energy, and channel it in ways that harmonize and bring health and wholeness. Opening energy centers and energy pathways, and balancing and aligning our energy within ourselves, with each other, and with the world that we live in.

Tantric Meditation

When we gaze into another’s eyes without fear or favor, merely being present, not hiding anything, not looking for or wanting anything, just being yourself, just being there for and with each other –  we slowly drop the layers of armor, the elaborate defenses, the personality we have worked so hard to preserve, and we can become authentic, real, maybe for the first time since childhood. If we find ourselves in a relationship, let’s use it as a safe place in which we can re-create ourselves, re-invent ourselves, in the image of the divine. Moving from the personal to the universal, recognizing the other as another me.

Movement and Sound

All of life is in rhythm, in vibration. Matching our heartbeat to the heartbeat of the universe,  and accepting the inheritance of creation that lies in our hands, in our bodies,  we can explore our freedom and our connection, and express our liberation, and our union, the paradox of freedom and love. Love says I am everything, wisdom says I am nothing, and between the two life flows.

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Contact us tel 044 8821097 |  082 855 0888 |

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