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12 – 19 Dec 2012: Yoga retreat with Laura Heininger at Turtle Cove, Tofo, Mozambique with Myoga Travel

October 8, 2012

Dear friends

It has taken me a lifetime to finally find the guts to strike out on my own. I have recently launched a fully-fledged, independent and vastly experienced travel consultancy.

The first retreat I am promoting is a really good deal: under R9500 ex Joburg for 7 nights, breakfast & dinner and world-class yoga sessions included! It’s a very laid back place (Turtle Cove) and in a beautiful location. 12 – 19 December 2012

Of course, I offer Mozambique as a destination year round, and there are ongoing yoga retreats (please enquire), but you are welcome to book a regular holiday, and decide to attend a class or two while there. It’s a great way to get into a life-enriching pursuit. Holidays are about relaxation and beautiful surroundings, and this is exactly what Myoga Travel is about.

The destinations I specialize in are perfect for honeymoons, families, yoga enthusiasts and even watersports. These include:

  • Bali – always a firm favorite and has something for everyone.
  • Mauritius – need I say more, close to home, a perfect family getaway.
  • Thailand – still my favorite place visited.
  • Zanzibar – a honeymooner’s speciality.

My services also extend to:

India – I can assist with flights, visas and travel insurance (and great flight prices).

Madagascar – amazing place to explore, and very adventurous too.

Reunion Island – more top end getaway.

Maldives – perfect for honeymooners and families.

And there’s a lot more. Just give me a call, and we’ll tailor-make your ideal getaway.

As an independent agent under the umbrella of the S.I.T.I SWG group, I have access to the best negotiated airfares as well as rates at resorts and retreats.

Many people ask – why use an agent if I can book it all online?

Granted, it is very easy and cheap to take care of your airline bookings these days, if you have the time to do the homework yourself. However, having been in the travel industry for over 12 years, I have come across many people wishing they had rather gone through someone. Horror experiences ranging from fraudulent tickets to no-one being there to collect you when you arrive, and trying to change a ticket date with no access to internet, not being able to speak the local language and other barriers. This is your special time, and the smallest errors can tarnish your entire experience.

I offer round-the-clock assistance, from the simplest question about what plugs to use, to changing tickets, extending accommodation, and liaising between you and travel insurance should anything go wrong. You will be in safe hands.

So please feel free to spread the word among your friends and acquaintances, and do not hesitate to contact me for any travel needs.

I love the fact that the world is moving away from the concept of “he who grows old with the most toys, wins” to “he who grows old with the best memories, wins”. I like to think of Myoga Travel as my very own memory factory.

Let me stretch your horizons.



Phone: 021 434 1435
Mobile: 083 415 0447

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