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Yoga for Yoga Teachers in Monzi, KwaZulu Natal.

October 17, 2012

So, I love it when I find an inspiring email in my inbox. This week I got one from Patricia, who has moved from Tanzania to settle in Monzi, a small farming village in KwaZulu Natal. It’s not easy meeting like-minded people, let alone somewhere, that seems to this suburbian Capetonian, to be in the middle of nowhere! This is the story that Patricia had to share.


“Dear Nina,

When our sadly poor internet connection and unreliable electricity allow it, I really enjoy clicking into the yoga newsletters that come in, and how very timely it was for me to read your article on forming a yoga teachers’ group. It encourages me to continue in my efforts to awaken an interest locally to the enjoyment and benefits of a yoga practice and to keep searching for any other yoga teachers in this area to link up with and enjoy purely ‘yoga time’.

I often ask myself what on earth persuaded me to come and settle here in this particular part of South Africa, leaving behind me in Arusha, Tanzania a small but growing and enthusiastic yoga community, yoga events both locally and in easily reachable Nairobi, visiting yoga teachers and much more.

Anyway, for various reasons, we decided to settle here in Monzi, KZN, a mainly farming community in a fairly remote place. No problem in finding many committed Pilates followers, but I discovered to my dismay that yoga was often viewed as an Eastern, spiritual practice likely to lead those who practised it away from their chosen path to God. Some even thought that you had to be Buddhist to teach yoga. Others thought that yoga and Pilates were more or less the same thing, weren’t they? There wasn’t another yoga teacher in sight and I suddenly realized that I was on my own here.


Undeterred, I have opened my yoga classes and little by little people have come to realize that yoga is fun, enjoyable and, with commitment, will benefit them both physically and mentally. I have a small but regular core group. So far so good – but what about my own practice and development? I’ve only been teaching for a few years and miss the stimulus of connecting to other teachers and centres. I would love to be able to get to the workshops and yoga events that I see regularly running in J’burg and Cape Town. Durban is too far to go for a weekly class and finances unfortunately won’t stretch to yoga trips to the cities or expensive retreats in Mozambique.

So, Nina, I take up your challenge and having quite recently by chance met a trainee teacher in Richard’s Bay, about an hour away, I will suggest a first yoga session together. She tells me there are one or two other trainee teachers in the area, so maybe they also would like the idea of getting together as a yoga group from time to time. Nothing ventured ……..

I will keep you posted on developments – meanwhile thank you for inspiring me to do something. Still hope to get across to Cape Town one day and then I will definitely be going on a yoga fest!




So for those of you who are in the KZN area or living near Monzi, I suggest you get hold of Pat and see if you can create a little yoga group out there! I would love to hear how it goes. The Yoga Hut | Macadamia Lodge | 035 550 4427 | 0791463799 |

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  1. jennifer permalink
    February 9, 2013 2:40 pm

    I heard about Patricia a few weeks back from my yoga teacher Charlene from Richards Bay.I live in Umfolozi not too far from Monzi I must attend one of her sessions soon. Awesome to know of somebody nearby.

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