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Yoga DVD Review: High Vibrations Yoga. Inner peace and outer strength. An inspirational meditation and vinyasa DVD with Jo Tastula.

October 18, 2012

High Vibrations Yoga.

Inner peace and outer strength.

An inspirational meditation and vinyasa DVD with Jo Tastula.

Often one reads DVD covers that offer amazing things, like weight loss, inner peace, improved concentration, core strength, arm strength or everything humanly possible… So when this DVD promotion set landed in my post box for review I wasn’t all that excited to have to motor through yet another vinyasa sequence where I wouldn’t be able to do half the postures, (having a slight shoulder injury I detest doing too many chatarungas and standing on my head or arms so I generally avoid most vinyasa type DVDs as I just struggle with the flow and it brings more aggravation, frustration and annoyance to my life than what the cover promises).

If you are like me you will probably find that a lot of yoga DVDs seem to “show off” what the teacher is able to do, from arm balances to headstands, impossible looking backbends and vinyasas that never end etc. So when I saw this pretty face on the cover, offering me 5 different sun salutation which would bring me abundance, release, strength, balance or peace I wasn’t overly enthused.

However, I must admit, that I was so very wrong! This is definitely the best DVD that I have received all year. It is brilliant. So this is how it works:

There are 5 themes, (abundance, release, strength, balance and peace), you start off by choosing one and working with a 5 minute meditation and then you can follow it with the appropriate sun salutation/vinyasa of about 10 – 15 minutes in length. That means that you can create a perfect 15 – 20 minute morning or evening workout, (or you can choose a combination of themes for a longer practice). The vinyasas are all doable, (she starts off with a gentle version, and then if you don’t have any injuries or are able to go further, there is usually a deeper version you go into by the second or third round). As usual, it is always best to have a general understanding of how the most common yoga postures should be performed by attending a few yoga classes with a qualified yoga teacher first. But the nice thing about this DVD is that Jo’s instructions are simple, clear and unambiguous. It is easy enough to just follow her instructions by listening and not having to wring your neck or body once you are halfway in the posture to try and see what she actually means or wants you to do!

The beautiful thing about this DVD is Jo herself, she is such a gentle and inspiring personality, totally likable from the first moment that you meet her on the screen. She brings with her a gentle wisdom, always connecting to the earth and the energies around us as well as guiding us deeper with affirmations that bring inspiration and a deeper connection to our inner source.

I have started bringing some of her concepts and vinyasas into my classes this past month and there seems to be a unanimous agreement with my students that they love the concept and themes.

Many thanks to Jo and her team for creating this beautiful DVD with inspirational music in the most magical and peaceful setting.

With gratitude.


For anyone new to yoga as well as someone looking to create a 15 – 20 minute daily practice this is a great DVD to invest in. At the moment this DVD can only be purchased off Jo’s website, please click here to visit it. 

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