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Dynamic Surynamaskar, Sun Salutation by Krzysztof Stec, Book Review

November 7, 2012

Most people who have heard of yoga or who undertake hatha yoga have heard of Surya Namaskar, (The Sun Salutations), and incorporate it into their practice at some point in time. Having delved into the world of many different yoga styles, I have come across numerous versions and variations that Surya Namaskar can take us on. With modifications for people with certain health conditions like high blood pressure, back problems, knee injuries to stronger versions for more advanced practitioners needing a deeper challenge and looking for a stronger practice.

In his book, “Dynamic Suryanamaskar, Sun Salutations”, Polish writer, yoga practitioner and teacher, Krzysztof Stec, explores the deeper aspects that go together with this ancient practice. As one of the longest practising Surya Namaskar practitioners that I personally know, Krzysztof has written his first book from his personal experiences, practices and gained knowledge. As a dedicated practitioner of Surya Namaskar, having worked towards practicing 1008 rounds in a two hour period, Krzysztof definitely has a clear knowledge of what it takes to get to that capability and how one should do so safely in a dedicated way, without any expectations or want for results.

In this book, Krzysztof also relates scientific research he has personally undertaken and acquired in the field of yoga by other practitioners. The book starts off by looking at traditional sun worship in world traditions as well as the sun as sustainer of life on earth. The second part explores a classic version of Surya Namaskar as taught by the Satyananda School of Yoga and includes mantras that can be used with the practice as well as the benefits of each of the main postures in the sequence. He also delves into a deeper explanation of the importance of shavasana as well as the importance of dietary awareness and the impact that chemicals in foods have on our bodies as well as simple ways to improve one’s eating habits. The book concludes with some research done by a number of different writers on the topic of yoga as well as personal stories of students that Krzysztof has worked with, who have showed how the dedicated use of Surya Namaskar in their daily practice has helped to overcome some ailment or physical problem. It ends off sharing the many physical, physiological, mental and emotional benefits of undertaking this practice.

One can see that this is a book that has been written by someone who is fully dedicated to the practice of yoga and who would love to share his wealth of knowledge with others.

Many thanks to Krzysztof for undertaking this project.



For more information on this book and to order a copy, please contact Krzysztof directly at

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