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Adventure Boot Camp and a 2 1/2 Hour Heated Yoga Session: Lessons Learned

November 22, 2012

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Yoga With Nicci

I recently did two things that I’ve never done before: a 4 week Adventure Boot Camp and a 2 ½ hour heated yoga session. Both taught me all sorts of things about myself, or reminded me of things that I’d forgotten.

It’s easy as a teacher to tell your students to not worry about what they look like or not to compare themselves to anyone else in the class. It’s not as easy to do it yourself when you are surrounded by a room full of the bendiest, stretchiest and toned bods you have ever seen in your entire life!

I had to keep reminding myself to go within – to tune everything else out and to just focus on what was going on on my own mat.

I had to listen to my body like never before, because it was a pretty advanced session with a number of asana…

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