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Learning to Live and Love Life.

November 22, 2012


Life comes in all shapes and sizes, different packages and packaging… and just when you think everything is going smoothly and you find a bit of routine and regularity (ideal for those with a vata dosha!) then something unexpected hits and you enter a time of turmoil. I think life is about learning how to deal with these unexpected challenges and trying to see the beauty in them without getting overly undone or upset by them… Riding the wave of unexpected change…

For me all these changes began in September when my highly independent and strong-willed 92 year old grandmother passed away. Often we shy away from death, especially in the western world, we think it is something that shouldn’t be talked about or felt, but it can actually be something quite peaceful and beautiful and luckily for me I got the chance to say my goodbye’s which I know many people don’t often get.

I was given the opportunity by my family to move into my grans place which I gladly took up as it is the most gorgeous house ever. But that come along with clearing out the old, doing some renovations and then moving ALL my stuff (it’s amazing how much one can accumulate in 30 years of life)  to the new place. So after a month of renovations and a move behind me, I am finally settled. What a good feeling!

And now that I finally have stable internet connection again (thanks to Telkom who were actually pretty efficient!) I will be able to post more regularly on facebook and blog again.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone for your patience and support over these last two months. It is greatly appreciated.

As in the words by Gabrielle Roth, may you too find your wings and then ride the energy of your own unique spirit.



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