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Yoga Odyssey Dolphin Yoga Retreat Feedback – November 2012.

November 29, 2012


Can you imagine a place on our planet where heaven and earth come together? Where time stands still almost and where our hearts begin to open to the interconnectedness of nature….seems unlikely in our high tech high energy urban lifestyles.
Well the best news is this place does exist and its just a classic road trip away.
Stocking up with the necessary goodies we left Jozi at 5:30am to road trip across Mphumalanga, northern Kwa-Zulu Natal and into Southern Mozambique! By lunchtime we could sense the atmospheric shifts and sensory changes as we approached the coast past Jozini Dam area and Pongola.

Besides really strong cross winds the weather looked great and our excitement grew. 4 days living in an indigenous jungle amidst incredible nature doing yoga, swimming, snorkelling, drumming, meditating, eating, sleeping, sound journeys and exotic sea creature encounters. Magical heavenly days to come!!
Our border crossing into Mozambique was smooth flowing and effortless. Within an hour I had parked my non 4×4 in the secure border lock up parking and we found ourselves bouncing along a sand track on the back of a landy pick up truck with the smell of the ocean and the wind in our hair.

The end of the road found us entering a magical lush indigenous dune jungle with the sound of crashing waves becoming ever more obvious and I experienced a deep sense of calm descend with every conscious exhale……this is the place of which I spoke…..Ponta Malongane the point where heaven and earth collide but this in the gentlest possible way imaginable.
Courtney of Halo Gaia has been facilitating and hosting Dolphin and Sound Journey healing retreats here for over a decade. Dolphins are her passion and performing music and interconnecting with people and dolphins her gift to planet earth. I have been fortunate to have joined her on two previous retreats as a paying guest and the seed was planted from my first encounter with her to combine her gifts and talents with mine… love of yoga and ability to teach. So my seed began to slowly take form and grow until this dream found me back in the dolphin pod fold that is Halo Gaia`s base camp nestled amongst the shady dunes of Malongane. This time our human pod consisted of 14 adults and 2 very special children who were coming together with a beautiful common purpose: to be with nature and to be in yoga!
Our home from home were 2 man tents raised off the sand on wooden decking equipped with single beds, a communal kitchen and ablution facilities and a fairy light illuminated a chill zone where we grouped for drumming sessions, sound journeys and of course some yoga!
Visitors to our home included birds, a very tame squirrel family, Samanga monkeys and the shy but curious and amazing bush babies!

Halo Gaia`s mission statement advises all encounters are ‘on dolphins terms and nature’s conditions’ and this proved to be the case this time round. The sea tides were incredibly high and the wind factor made the ocean way too rough and in fact dangerous to try and set out in search of our oceanic friends. By day three though we had our chance and were gifted with the incredible sighting of not one but 4 humpback whales with their young effortlessly swimming close into shore which according to Courtney could possibly be due to strong ocean currents out in the slightly deeper waters where they too raise their young. This we surmised could have been caused by Hurricane Sandy that created such devastation in New York recently. After all we are one and all connected on some level and in all ways some of the time and this was one of those times. The second boat launch with the children did have the encounter we were all hoping for: a pod of dolphins were encountered just south of Malongane with teenage dolphins playing and performing, because there were weeny baby dolphins in the group and most of the adults were sleeping it was not an option to jump into the sea and join them but rather to sit in quiet observance of their incredible ways and natural mastery of their element.
And just this encounter was enough to bring out a radiance and energy amongst the group that infected us all. “Non Human persons” This is the way these magical beings, ( yes, dolphins and whales have been reclassified in scientific data), impact our spirits and its this simple fact that keeps me coming back for more!!!

Our next magical Yoga and Dolphin retreat is in February 2013. Check out for all the info, (events page), or become a Yoga Odyssey face book friend!!

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