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Icy cold Beijing – day 2

December 27, 2012

Okay, so today we found out that we are having the coldest ewe anther in Beijing since the last five years – great!!! Not what you want to hear when you come from +25 degrees and are now hitting -5 degrees.

The awesome thing about this weather is that it totally gives you that awesome European Christmas vibe, the stressful thing about it, especially if you’ve just come from wearing bikinis and shorts is figuring out how to get all the layers on in time to leave the hotel without building up a sweat…. True skills required here. That I managed to get myself sorted is a miracle, how Lauren managed to sort out her boys and herself is another story – that must be the apex of traveling skills!

Day two started off meeting our cool travel guide Jing, who kept giving us running commentary of where we were going and what we were seeing, we learnt how to take the subway, about R2 for a ticket and that lasts you for a whole trip/whole day, not bad.

We started our tour visiting Tian Square, then off to see the mummified (for lack of correct terminology) embalmed Maos body. Pretty interesting to see how many local Chinese stream through to go and view the so called real body…

Then we wandered through the streets and made our way to the local market, where we tried our bargaining skills to get a few essential items, like warmer jackets, new shoes, as my takkies had given in in the cold and snow. The important thing that we learnt is that you need to bargain hard and if you can’t get a better price then you just walk away, 9 times out of ten, they’ll sell it to you then at that price and you’ll still have been ripped off greatly 🙂 but all good fun in the end.

Then finally that evening once we got back to our hotel we decided to try and find a local hot pot restaurant. We didn’t get to the right place and ended up at a cafeteria type thing in the basement of some department store, where we were lucky to get something as everyone was already closing up for the night…. At 9pm!

Second impressions of Beijing

early closing times, by 9pm most restaurants and night markets start closing up shops.

trams run till 11:30.

streets are super clean, not sure if that’s just the wintery feel and snow hiding all the muck, but I don’t think so as there are always street sweepers around.

at night the trams are super full and you need to really squeeze tight to fit in or you get left behind – Lauren already but her motherly arm strength to good use and pushed open the tram doors once her and Jing were inside so that us little chics wouldn’t get left behind! Super Mom Award definitely goes to Lauren today!

on that note, manners as we know them back home with letting people especially woman exit a lift or any entrance for that matter first, does not happen all that much here.


and finally, Lauren’s favorite, the coughing, spitting and grotting on the streets is pretty yuk….

till then next up date, stay warm and healthy x nina

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