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Off to Beijing for a summery wintery Christmas. Day 1

December 27, 2012

So after a frantic last minute packing and organizing session, I made it to the airport in time to meet up with my travel buddies. Flying emirates is generally always fine and as usual the flights to Dubai and Beijing we not a problem – only long… But that’s what you get when you fly half way across the world right?

So day 1 was pretty much just flying there and making it to the hotel And here are my first impressions of Beijing:

It is so super clean, neat and efficient – what else would you expect from a communist based country – hence no access to Facebook or my blog page as these sights were blocked.

On the drive from the airport there were two mini towers next to each other and aptly named the “twin towers” – not sure how the Americans would feel about that.

driving into the city reminded me of being in a European town – loads of little forests covered in snow.

we had a gorgeous supper at the hotel with the most divine tofu in white wine sauce… Mnnnnn and Chinese broccolli.


trying to figure out how to upload images… As soon as I know I’ll add some more xxx more news to follow a little later x nina


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