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Last day in Beijing and off to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. Day 5 & 6

December 29, 2012

So after an early start (being 7am in this weather!) we kitted up in our warmest travel gear to brace the minus 25 degrees that was awaiting us.

After having probably over eaten and over exerted on the first few days, and the constant changing from warm to freezing cold temperatures, definitely made me pick up a bit of a cold. So lets just say, driving to the airport in peak traffic, dealing with another two hour flight and then dealing with rush hour standstill traffic in Ulaanbaatar was a bit of a nightmare.

However, staying at a gorgeous hotel that has the most amazing view and showers makes everything a lot more bearable πŸ™‚

So after an early night and a few meds, as well as spending the next day indoors (ok, we’ll maybe Lauren and myself snuck out to the convenience store down the road to stock up on some essentials…. Like Lebkuchen and Italian vino!) we will not go hungry or thirsty – even in Outer Mongolia!

Till the next time.

lots of love from a snowing city,

x Nina


image image image

First impressions of Ulaanbaatar:

it is a surprisingly big city!

Coke definitely has infiltrated this country as Christmas decorations and coke advertising seem to go hand in hand – no Pepsi visible yet.

traffic is manic, here I thought going to town at 8am was bad, or that the scooter frenzy in Vietnam freaked me out… Here there seems to be traffic jams all day long and the driving is like everywhere in the East, manic and completely organized all at once.

Well with that said, we did see our first fender bender on our little walk about.

English is definitely not very popular here, which is making communicating a little challenging.

Also, I don’t think they trust foreigners all that much as we had an ‘escort’ watch us as we shopped for goodies.

It is definitely a developing country as there is LOADS of building and construction work going on.

View from our hotel room

View from our hotel room

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