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Ayurveda Tips for Autumn Living.

April 16, 2013

Autumn Living


In China there is a saying: “crisis is an opportunity for change”.

It is important to question: to question your thinking, your beliefs and reactions. Questioning can provide the potential for change!

In order to change your health you usually need to change some of your habits by making positive changes to your lifestyle. These changes can be on various levels: emotional, dietary or lifestyle adjustments. It often involves including something new in life as well as removing something else.

Autumn is a time of change and a time of letting go: feel the ‘winds of change’ blowing; observe nature letting go of summer’s abundance in preparation for the hibernation of winter. I invite you to take a few moments now to reflect on the gifts that you received during the summer and to identify those habits and patterns that no longer serve you and would like to let go of during the autumn?


Change can facilitate beneficial growth!

Natural Wisdom for Autumn Balance

Autumn is a time when the Air element is predominant: there is more lightness, dryness and coolness. These qualities in nature have a tendency to aggravate the harmonious functioning of the central nervous system. This can cause low energy, dry skin, constipation, erratic digestion, increased anxiety, insomnia and feeling unsettled.


The Air element as it manifests in our body and mind is aggravated by astringent (black tea), bitter (cold salads) and pungent (chillies) tastes as they all increase dryness; at the end of a meal; early morning (2 – 6am) and early evening (2 – 6pm); by fear and insecurity; in early autumn and spring; at the latter stage of life; by rushing, busyness and excessive movement; by dry and cold climates; by going to bed after 11pm.


Some tips to nourish the quick and irregular rhythms of the Air element:

  • Balancing principle – stability & grounding
  • Maintain a steady daily routine around eating and sleeping habits
  • Choose activities that create ease and allow yourself enough time to complete them
  • Slow down and take ample rest
  • Learn relaxation techniques and calm yoga and meditation practices
  • Eat wholesome, fresh, warm, moist and grounding foods that are sweet, salty and sour in flavour
  • Drink soft and warm teas – fennel, ginger, liquorice
  • Protect yourself from cold, dry and windy environments
  • Embrace warmth, love and security to help build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Warm oil massages with sesame oil


wendyyoungwiselivingWendy Young is a qualified yoga teacher and Holistic Ayurvedic practitioner, has studied in India, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

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