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Yoga and Worrying.

June 27, 2013


Like Harold says, worrying really is a waste of time. Many of us, and myself included, spend so much time thinking about solving problems that haven’t even arisen yet. For example, while I was in a queue returning a pair of pants to a shop because I didn’t really like them, I caught myself going through a whole long conversation with the supposed sales assistant having a huge fight with her because she wouldn’t let me return the pants, because of a hundred and one excuses and I had a counter excuse each time. When I caught myself thinking of this, I realised that I’d been playing this game not just while I was standing in the queue or driving to the shop but on and off for a good couple of days already! So I stopped myself, tried to busy myself with other thoughts and some how managed to finally get to the front of the line and asked to return the pair of pants, and VIOLA! “No problem Madam, here’s your money back and have a good day”. The whole exchange took 2 minutes, but I’d been playing a whole story in my head for the last week! Hoe mentally and emotionally exhausting that was.

So here’s a lesson for you, the next time you start to worry about something that isn’t even a problem yet, stop yourself, congratulate yourself for realising what you did and again, like Harold says, sort out what it is that is worrying you, so take that pair of pants back to the shop sooner than later, get to the paper work, take the dog to the vet, invite those friends (yes those ones that you’ve been meaning to hang out with for the last 8 months!) invite them over for dinner, and stop worrying, it really is a waste of time!

Have a wonderful Thursday and remember to smile, breathe and enjoy your Savasana in yoga tonight (without any worrying thoughts flitting in and out of your mind, see if you can stay present – but don’t worry about that unnecessarily until Savasana tonight 😉




Nina Saacks is the founder of Yoga Awakening Africa and has been teaching integral hatha yoga, (Sivananda yoga) since 2003 in Cape Town. She loves spending time in her yoga studio with her students, up the mountain with her hiking buddies, around a dinner table with her friends, and when she can spending time in bed reading a good book with Kat and some Lindt chocolates. She believes that health equals balance in life, enjoying what you do and doing what you enjoy, and to never take yourself too seriously! |

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