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Vote for “Free Inside” & do your Seva for Seva Unite!

January 15, 2014


PLEASE vote before midnight 17th January 2014!!!!

Seva means Selfless Service. Serving and helping others in any way possible without the desire for compensation or validation. Simply to be of service to others in order for their upliftment, well-being and benefit.

This is a fundamental step on the Yoga journey as Yoga is not just about Asanas  / postures, it is a philosophy of life and a way of living to transform oneself in being the best version of oneself for oneself and for others. Simply put following the philosophical guidelines of Yoga which includes Seva can equate to living up to the mantra:  “I am just striving to be more me than I ever have been.”

We all perform our Seva in one way or another towards family, friends, the community, and our fellow creatures and hopefully to ourselves by being gentle and compassionate with ourselves.

If you wish to contribute further please do your Seva by watching the “Free Inside” documentary by Seva Unite about their Yoga program in prisons and how it has transformed lives from within.

This documentary has been nominated for an award and by watching and voting for this special film your Seva vote can help Seva Unite to win the award.

Please don’t waste a minute as the deadline for voting ends at midnight on the 17th January 2014!

Time is of the essence and the only thing it will cost you to watch and vote for a truly worthy cause is your time – a very precious contribution indeed!

Click on the link

and make a difference!

With sincere and deep gratitude,

The YAA team!



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