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Yoga4Kids Teacher Training Course 2014 Information.

January 23, 2014


Yoga4Kids – Well-being for the next generation Teacher Training Course 2014.

 Overview & Certification.

Overview Yoga4Kids has successfully being teaching our yoga, mindfulness and wellbeing programs for children in South Africa since 2003. We are represented at a number of schools and studios in Johannesburg and Cape Town and will expand to Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2014. Since 2005, we have been blessed to share the curriculums of our Teacher Training Modules with many magnificent people.

The Yoga4Kids Teacher Training for children’s yoga is divided into four Modules.

Module 1 is comprised of a 2-day weekend course. This course is open to all people who would like to know how to bring yoga, meditation, soul awareness and mindfulness to children.

Module 2 is comprised of a 2-day weekend course and a minimum of 12 hours practical classroom experience. This practical experience will be obtained as you attend, observe and teach the Yoga4Kids children’s yoga classes offered at the schools and studios. This includes our remedial and special needs classes.

Module 3 is comprised of a 4-day course.

Module 4 is comprised of 80 hours of teaching.

We encourage you to participate in the Modules best suited to your goals and current skill-set. For example, Module 1 may be sufficient training if you are already a qualified yoga instructor interested in teaching to children or if you are a parent wanting to bring yoga and mindfulness into your home.

Modules 1 – 3 cover 120 hours of Teacher Training. Those hours will be divided between:

Workshop attendance & participation,

Teaching & attending the Yoga4Kids children’s yoga classes,

Writing lesson plans, and

Doing homework as assigned during each of the modules.

Combined with the 80 hours of teaching for Module 4, you will have completed a total of 200 hours once your full training is complete. An outline of each of the four Modules is given in Section 4 of this document.

Becoming a Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher.

This section details the steps you must take should you wish to become a certified children’s yoga teacher. Once you have completed Modules 1 and 2, Yoga4Kids will issue you a certificate of competence and you will be able to start your journey of teaching children yoga. You will then be required to teach for a further 80 hours (Module 4) under the supervision of the Yoga4Kids head office and complete Module 3 in order to receive your certification from the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of South Africa. This will accredit you as a certified children’s yoga teacher. Module 4 will be completed in your own time and you will be remunerated for the children’s yoga lessons you teach to accumulate the required 80 hours. All lessons must be logged and supervised by the Yoga4Kids head office.

Section 2 – Who Should Take This Training.

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training is about teaching children how to:

Go within & listen to their soul self,

Have fun in a creative & non-competitive space,

Live in harmony with themselves & others,

Balance mind, body and self, and

Change state & manage energy levels.

The Teacher Training is for yoga teachers, teachers at school, therapists and any person interested in starting a new career teaching children’s yoga. It requires that you have a very good understanding and knowledge of yoga and its disciplines. Where you begin this life-long learning process is entirely up to you. However it is imperative that you learn the way of yoga and are in a practice of yoga in order to be a good teacher.

Section 3 – Fees, Training Dates & Venues.

Please note the following which applies to all South African training dates & venues given below: Vegetarian lunch & refreshments will be served.

Training is held over Saturday & Sunday from 9:00am – 5:00pm each day.

You must wear loose-fitting clothing and please bring your own yoga mat & writing materials.

Fees are as follows:

Module 1 – R3 300, (includes training manual, yoga postures workbook and a certificate)

Module 2 – R3 500, (includes training manual, and a certificate of competence).

Module 3 – R3 500, (includes certificate). Please note that a minimum of four, enrolled persons are required to open Modules 1 – 3.

The training details for 2014 are given below. If any venue/s must be changed, all registered clients will be notified accordingly.





 Good Vibrations Health Sanctuary (9A 11th Avenue in Rivonia)   Corner of 11th Avenue & Homestead Road

 22 & 23 Feb  29 & 30 March  24 & 25 May  26 & 27 July  23 & 24 Aug  25 & 26 Oct

 26 & 27 April  28 & 29 June  27 & 28 Sept

 30 May – 2 June  25 – 28 July  14 – 17 Nov

Cape Town

 Deer Park Café (2 Deer park Drive West in Vredehoek)  For directions, please contact the Cafe at 021 462 6311 or

 1 &2 Feb  1 &2 March  10 & 11 May  7 &8 June  13 & 14 Sept

 22 & 23 March  12 & 13 April  12 & 13 July  11 & 12 Oct

 8 – 11 Aug  17 – 20 Oct


 True Origins Studio (Dunkirk Estate in Salt Rock – North Coast of KZN) 

 1 &2 Feb  12 & 13 April  5 &6 July  6 &7 Sept

 17 & 18 May  4 &5 Oct  5 – 8 Dec

Section 4 – Content of Modules.

Module 1- Theory / Cost: R3 300.00 The focus with Module 1 is how to bring yoga, heart and wellbeing to children and the following topics are covered:

Exploring the emotional & physical benefits of yoga exercises for children.

Structuring a yoga class for children.

Teaching children how to breathe deeply bringing a calm & mindful way to their lives.

Practical examples of meditative & energizing breathing exercises.

Preparing children for warm-up or Asana.

Exploring story & yoga Asana.

Creating stories for the main part of yoga classes for children.

Exploring yoga, games, imagination & music for yoga classes for children.

Exploring affirmations, meditations & visualizations for yoga classes for children.

Learning Savasana & how to bring relaxation to children.

Teaching yoga to children with special needs.

Module 2.

Practical Classroom Experience & Theory / Cost: R3 500.00 Practical Classroom Experience For this component of Module 2, we expose you to eight age-appropriate, classroom teaching experiences and two remedial classroom experiences. You will teach two age-appropriate classes for discussion and feedback. This practical training can commence at any time upon your completion of Module 1.

Theory : The focus with this module is on children ages 8 – 12 with the exploration of orientation and life skills applications for them in conjunction with yoga. Module 2 covers the following topics:

Bringing the study of mind, body & self into your children’s yoga practice.

Teaching children about colour & colour therapy.

Bringing an awareness of the chakras & their associated yoga postures to children.

Creating an awareness of the senses for children & the life skill applications associated with those senses.

Working together using partner postures.

Teaching older children yoga sets.

Structuring a yoga class for older children that explores discipline & mindfulness while still being fun.

Module 3 – Workshops / Cost: R3500.00.

We will be offering a host of workshops for 2014 which will fall over a four day period some of which will include the following:

Creative writing & journaling.

How to teach mindfulness to children.

A practical on children’s yoga games using hoops, sticks and other props.

How to run children’s yoga as a successful business including A – Z guidelines on creating a successful yoga class & being the best teacher that you can be.

In depth look at teaching children with special needs.

A themed-lesson plan workshop.

Bringing Kundalini Yoga to children.

How to teach yoga to mothers with their children (from the age of 2).

Nutrition & cooking for children.

Module 4 – 80 Hours of Teaching.

You can either teach with Yoga4Kids at one of our schools/studios, or you can teach independently at a school or studio in your area. If you teach with Yoga4Kids you will be remunerated and must commit to a minimum of one year’s time. If you teach independently, you must log the premises, students and times with Yoga4Kids head office so that we are able to closely monitor your lesson plans, teaching days and level of competence.

Section 5 – Booking & Payment.

Booking Your Space To reserve and secure your space in any of the three Modules for the Yoga4Kids Teacher Training, please email, (see addresses below), the following:

Dates & location where you would like to take your training

Your complete contact details including email address and phone number/s.

Your proof of payment.

For more information, contact:

Suzie Manson: Mobile: 083 299 6555. Work: 032 482 0015. Email: or

Please visit us at

for information on all that Yoga4Kids offers.

Discount Offered Should you wish to sign up for all three modules, a discounted, total rate of

R9 000.00 will be charged. This will be a once off payment. If you sign up for two modules, a discounted total rate of R6 300.00 will be charged. This will be a once off payment.

Payment Plans If you would like to handle your fees on a payment plan, Yoga4Kids requests the following:

A deposit of R1 500 is required to reserve your space for each of first three modules.

A deposit of R3 000 is required to reserve your space for both Module 1 and Module 2.

Any balance owing on any of the three Modules, must be paid on, or before, the weekend in which the training is taking place.

Banking Details:

Suzanne Manson FNB Randburg Branch Code: 254 005 Account No: 62055 357 555.

Section 6 – Client Testimonials.

”I never thought I would be good at teaching yoga to children, but I was very aware of how beneficial it would be for children to start yoga from a young age. My adult yoga students pushed me to teach yoga to their children and the Yoga4Kids course was a fantastic, ideal learning experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and Suzie put all the scattered bits and pieces that I had read and gathered over the years into a neat, easy to use package. It gave me the tools and confidence I needed to make teaching yoga to children a reality. Her course left me feeling empowered and rearing to go and I am enjoying the many benefits of brining yoga to young children.” – Carla De Gouveia, Pretoria

“As an adult yoga teacher, the Yoga4Kids teacher training module 1 was an enlightening experience, fuelling my inner child, releasing my creativity and inspiring me to teach yoga to children. I look forward to providing children with a safe space for self-expression. Suzie is an inspiration in herself, her love of her work and her understanding of children is contagious.” – Cathy Rogers (The Breathing Space), Johannesburg

“Hi Suzie, Once again thanks for an awesome weekend. For the first time in a long time I have unwavering faith for I know with every fibre of my being and that I am on the right path, that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and my soul is singing.” – Tamar Botha (Dakes), Johannesburg

“Thank you so much for what we’ve learnt over the past weekend, I came home feeling so relaxed and mostly excited about teaching yoga to kiddies. I really believe that this is what I’d love to do and would love to see where we could be able to work together if possible.” – Debbie De Beer, Benoni

“I am writing you just a few lines to tell you, once again, how much I enjoyed the course and how great your teaching was! You really inspire people. Your energy, sweetness, positive attitude and feelings are so contagious…Thanks for your passion in teaching children (and in training us to do so!) and also for your professionalism. Much appreciated.” – Barbara Vitti, Italy

“Thank you so much for the great course…it was very inspiring and opened up a whole new approach for me!! You have a fantastic energy and I am sure a special gift to work with kids.” – Jane Teffrey-Goatley, Knysna

“The Module 1 training was so amazing, thank you for bringing such a divine teaching to my heart, mind and body. The children’s yoga is more special that I expected it to be, it blew me away completely. I find myself thinking about it all the time! At first I thought that I was simply processing the weekend, but, now I know that I am crazy in love with it and that I want to teach yoga to these little angels.” – Tanjia van der Walt, Centurion.

We hope you find the information provided helpful and look forward to training with you in the near future. If you have any additional queries, please contact Suzie Manson.

© Yoga4Kids

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