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About YAA

Welcome to Yoga Awakening Africa

So what is YAA about?
Well, we are here to share with you all the yoga knowledge that we collectively possess and acquire along the way.That means sharing with you information about styles of yoga, yoga studios, yoga teachers, yoga practices and other bits and bites we find.

Why are we doing this?
We LOVE yoga, we are dedicated to our practice and we want to share what we know with like-minded people.

Aren’t we meant to be a magazine?
Well, yes and no. We started in 2008 and published 6 hard copies of Yoga Awakening Africa but due to insufficient “moola” we decided to put a hold on publishing the next issue and have since shared our stories and information online instead. This way we can forward information to you quicker, a lot easier and it is kinder to the environment too! This doesn’t mean that we won’t publish another copy… we’re just waiting on the next millionaire who may be around the corner to sponsor us. 🙂

Do we make any money from this?
Well, that’s a good question. No, not really! It is a project of love and dedication and we would love to be able to earn a little, so please help us and our cause by sending in your views, articles and information, and if you are a studio, be sure to get listed with us to help support our running costs!

Are we nuts?
Absolutely! We love our practices, our teaching, our students and the deeper side of yoga but we also realize that we live in the material worldly world, so we do try hard to ensure that things don’t bog us down. We try to go with the flow and accept that the taxi driver this morning must have slammed on his brakes, (again), right in front of us to avoid hitting a dog, but occasionally things do get to us, and instead of doing a pranayama practice to soothe the nerves, you might find us out and about with a friend, or two, enjoying a glass of red wine or munching on a chocolate brownie. We believe in balance – not over indulgence… (well, at least not too often!).

Who are we?aboutus2013

Well, it’s me, Nina, (aka Neenz, happy chic or Nina the nut!), who started this crazy idea of Yoga Awakening Africa. I pretty much run the whole thing, so if I like you, your articles and your attitude you’ll be published on our site, (there’re not many people I don’t like, so be sure to get hold of me!).

Juanita, (aka 2am life saver), has helped with editing our articles ever since we moved online and has been my right hand, left hand and grammar brain for the last 3 years. Thanks to her, all our articles, (yes, we even accept articles from not such good writers), get a good sweep over before heading online to ensure easy reading and digesting.

What about the others?
Well, there are so, so many and amazing talented people who helped to make Yoga Awakening Africa possible and no one ever got a salary or remuneration for it, they offered their service and talents gratis, Seva in its real form. From the bottom of my heart, a huge thanks to Aline Nienaber, Lindsaye McGregor and Gina Ross for making YAA possible. To the many amazing and talented photographers as well as all the writers, I will always cherish your open heart, dedication and honesty. May you all find balance, love and happiness in everything you do.

So what does our blog offer?

  • Articles: Well firstly, we try to post a new story on our blog every day, (so visit regularly to see what has been happening). Everything is categorised, so if you only want to read about Yoga Interviews or Yoga Postures or Prananyama practices, then you can find those in our news categories section on the right hand side. Leave comments for us in the comments section so that we know what articles you like and which ones are just not your thing.
  • Teachers Listing: We also have a teachers listing section, so if you are looking for a teacher in your area, you should be able to find one here.
  • Yoga Events: We share yoga events happening in and around SA or with SA teachers. So be sure to check out our calendar to find a retreat or workshop that is right for you and that you can book for.
  • Online Newsletter: And finally we have a monthly newsletter that goes out at the beginning of every month with our favourite posts for the previous month. So if you don’t have time to visit the blog every day, be sure to sign up to our newsletter so that you can be kept in the loop at least once a month!

We look forward to meeting you on the yoga mat!

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